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We are proud to be South Africa’s only retailer to sell dotsure.co.za cover in-store (vouchers are readily available at our till points)!

An unforeseen accident can be scary and traumatic for both you and your injured pet, and the unexpected vet bills that come with it can cause some major financial strain. Put your heart and mind at ease when you purchase accidental cover for your cat or dog at any of our Petworld branches.

Through dotsure.co.za, we offer 6 different options of accidental cover for cats and dogs.

Ages 2 months to 11 years:

  1. 3 months for R219
  2. 6 months for R416
  3. 12 months for R770

Ages 12 years and over:

  1. 3 months for R317
  2. 6 months for R599
  3. 12 months for R1110

All 3 options cover medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury to your insured pet, as well as third party liability that provides cover against damage or loss caused to others by your insured pet. You will receive:

  • R119,100 overall liability cover against damage your pet might cause
  • R11,900 overall cover against vet bills incurred for accidents
  • R4,750 cover per valid claim against vet bills incurred for accidents

Simply buy your voucher in-store and visit www.dotsure.co.za to activate your cover!

Ts&Cs apply



When it comes to cats and dogs, we subscribe to the Apopt, don’t shop policy. In South Africa and the world over, there are far too many rescued kitties and doggos who are in need of their new loving forever homes, as well as a plethora of passionate animal welfares and shelters that need help in their efforts to rehome these pets. According to our partner shelters, animals are re-homed quicker through the Petworld Adoption days than they are at the shelters; we are proud to be able to play a part in these happy endings.

Our Current Adoption Partners

Petworld Adoption Days

We host Adoption Days at our XXL branches over weekends to promote adoptions, fostering, funds, donations, and even volunteering. Together with our shelter partners, we have developed a process that ensures the highest level of care for the animals within Petworld to make sure that they will go to loving homes:

  • We provide enclosures for the pets to stay in while they are in our care and waiting to be rehomed (all Petworld enclosures have been designed to exceed the dimension
  • requirements and have been built at our own cost)
  • Our shelter partner assesses the pets’ suitability for rehoming, and ensures that they are sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped, and healthy before bringing them to the Petworld Adoption Days
  • The volunteers of the shelter bring the pets to our respective store
  • We provide staff to personally care for all adoption pets. During their stay with us, we see to all the pets’ needs, including food, treats, water, and health and wellbeing checks throughout the day
  • When a prospective pet parent shows interest in adopting one of the shelter pets, a shelter volunteer will spend time with them to explain the adoption process, ensure that there is a good connection between them and the pet, and to assess their possible responsibility of being a pet parent; a shelter staff member will not allow an adoption to take place if they feel there is no connection with the pet, or the prospective new owners do not fully understand/realise the commitment required.

To learn more about when Petworld Adoption Days take place, please enquire at your local store, or check our social media pages.

If you are from an animal welfare organisation and would like to partner up with us, please get in touch via email (liz@petworld.co.za).

Adoption Fees

Our shelter partners set an adoption fee which is payable by anyone who adopts a pet from their organisation. The adoption fee is collected by the shelter, for the shelter – 100% of the fee goes directly to the shelter (Petworld does not benefit financially from Adoption Days in any way).

The fee of adopting a pet will vary depending on the specific welfare. All adoption animals undergo a comprehensive vet check and been sterilised. In all cases dogs and cats are microchipped, treated for internal and external parasites (e.g. worms and fleas), and receive their initial vaccination (dogs are also treated for heartworm).


By purchasing an IDEN-T-TAG and registering your pet's and your details on the website www.tagrecovery.co.za, your tag holds a very unique tagging number. If you have the misfortune of your pet going missing, the person that finds the animal, logs onto a website (instructions on the IDEN-T-TAG), where all your chosen details are displayed and they can contact you directly and immediately. It is a simple and effortless process and we believe: a stress-free solution. The shop where you purchase your IDEN-T-TAG will also have instructions on how this process works and if the animal is brought into a vet, they will contact you directly. This is an inexpensive yet effective alternative to a micro-chip.

PETWORLD H2O Test helps customers keep their aquarium in tip-top condition by having a sample of their tank water tested in store. An PETWORLD Aquarium Specialist will test the water's PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and Hardness levels before providing recommendations.

At PETWORLD we make it easier for our supporters to donate vital items such as pet food, blankets, dog beds to TEARS without having to travel all the way to their premises. If you have any donations for TEARS, please find the donation box next to the checkout counter at your nearest PETWORLD store.

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